Mind Trends produces some of the greatest apps on the market for the scientific, educational and entertainment market.


Simple Units Coverter is a unit converter that allow people to convert units from one form to another. This is a practical application for anyone interested in scientific conversions, adding measured ingredients for cooking, or simply converting unfamiliar units. The Simple Units Coverter has a design that is easy to use.


Useful Periodic Table unleashes all the chemical and scientific power of the periodic table into the hands of the user. Contained within the Useful Periodic Table are over 50 known principal properties of each element, which makes our periodic table the most useful on the market. Designed for scientists, physicists, chemists, engineers, biologists, technologists and students this app is easy to use, has quick reference capabilities, and has a quiz contained within for those who want to test their knowledge or familiarize themselves with the peroidic table. No other periodic table app on the market produces the amount of information in such an easy to use way.


Word Search Deluxe lets the user bring to life the thrill and excitement of an old-fashioned word find without the deforesting need for tree based paper. With Word Search Deluxe the user will be amazed as to how difficult the word searches will be. After all, we here at Mind Trends wanted to incorporate a greater density of words in the grid than any other word find on the market. Word Search Deluxe is also available as a free Lite version to go along with the paid version. Having been doing "word finds" for many years, we determined that it would be a great advantage to put up a difficult and challenging word find with multiple crossings and improved levels of difficulty. No other word search on the market competes with this awe-inspiring, thought-provoking and challenging game.